Our Divisions – at a Glance

  • Energy Saving

    lndosaf is proud to present our Energy Management Division, a division that is centered on managing your
    energy consumption with the idea to reduce your overall usage, while not hindering your production and

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  • Safety

    Indosaf began with a simple vision: to be a dynamic and growing organization dedicated to saving lives and protecting assets by delivering innovative safety products. That vision still drives them today.

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  • Fire Safety

    We are the proud distributors for world renowned and acclaimed Strike First Extinguishers. We have set a high standard for quality products and service that many customers have come to appreciate and admire.

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    • Hardware

      We carry Hardware Items suited to the procurement of all Hardware Tasks

    • Welding & Abrasives

      We offer Welding Solutions and carry a wide line of abrasives from companies such as Esab and 3M

    • Chemicals

      Our Chemical Division supplies specialty products for various maintenance, repair and operational activities in the Petrochemical sector such as cleaning and degreasing, lubricating, rust removal and janitorial supplies

    • Security Solutions

      In 2011 the company recognizing that safety extended outside of the normal parameters of industrial sector. Taken
      with the upsurge in new private security companies and the crime situation we further diversified our product line to include the best body armor and tactical and duty footwear in the world.

    • Industrial Signage

      INDOSAF LTD is one of the largest independent Safety Sign manufacturer in Trinidad and Tobago which include a comprehensive range of road and safety signs, posters, digital print banners, barricade tapes, labels, industrial
      tags, statutory notices, signage and exhibition display products

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