Pipes, Valves & Fittings

    • Filtration & Separation Solutions

      Supplying filtration, separation, and purification technologies that are essential to processing industries.

    • Fluid Handling Systems

      Products and systems for handling of fuels and other specialist fluids.

    • Heat Exchangers

      Standard or custom-designed units for heat exchange and transfer requirements.

    • Oil & Gas Processing Equipment

      Product lines cover surface production equipment from wellhead to pipe line.

    • Oil in Water Monitor

      Field portable, laboratory and on-line continuous process monitors for measuring hydrocarbons in water.

    • Oil/Water/Solid Separation

      Patented micro-bubble generation technology which enhances the recovery/removal of oil from produced water


  • Hose&Fittings


    Industrial hoses in a range of sizes and pressure ratings for every application. Packaging Equipment – Filling machines, capping
    machines, labeling machines, and complete turnkey packaging systems.

  • welded_pipes_1

    Pipes and Fittings

    Welded or seamless pipes, fittings and flanges available in imperial or metric measurements.

  • peristaltic-pump-for-the-food-pharmaceutical-and-cosmetics-industries-7926-4018234


    Contamination-free peristaltic pumps suitable for a range of industries. Switch Rated Industrial Plug – World’s only UL/CSA rated
    plugs and receptacles. Valves – Valves, penstock and dampers for different industrial applications.